Explanation and Examples of Author Compensation

Reid Ashbaucher Publications pays our authors a 75% royalty under the self-publishing model. Royalties and services vary under the shared-publishing model, and is only offered to a select group of authors.

Book royalties are based on the book retail price set by us, and the retail discount rate set by the author. It should be understood that there is a lot that goes into the thinking behind setting a price, which is how much the author receives, how much the retailer can make or discount the book for sales purposes, and how much is the consumer willing to pay for the book. When everything is considered, we try to bring a balance to all these considerations to allow the author a reasonable return on their work, while at the same time allowing the distributor and retailer to also make a reasonable profit based on their expenses. Remember, without a distribution channel and retailer willing to stock or place your book in their system for public sale, you will never sell a single book unless you sell them all yourself. Some authors are in the position to do just that, which is why we offer the lecture package.

The following example will provide you a sample of what you could expect for your royalty payout. Remember that your author’s discount is based on the retail sale price of your book. So if we price your book higher rather than lower, you will pay more for your book for self-distribution and sales efforts.

Books are priced based on their physical attributes and the number of pages.

Listed below is an example of a black and white print, paperback book, that is 6 x 9 inches, with 174 pages. The author’s 75% royalty is listed after the retail discount rate %. It is our policy to never set a book retail price to where the author’s royalty is less than $1.00 at a 55% retail discount rate.

Book Retail Price $10:95

Book Retail Price $12:95

Book Retail Price $14.95
55% $1.19 55% $1.86 55% $2.55
50% $1.59 50% $2.34 50% $3.10
45% $2.00 45% $2.83 45% $3.67
40% $2.42 40% $3.32 40% $4.23
35% $2.83 35% $3.80 35% $4.79

Our author discount rates are 35, 45, and 55% off of the book’s retail price, based on the number of books purchased at the time of the order.

The author’s purchase price examples are listed below.

Book Retail Price $10:95 Book Retail Price $12:95 Book Retail Price $14:95
55% $4.93 55% $5.83 55% $6.73
45% $6.02 45% $7.12 45% $8.22
35% $7.12 35% $8.42 35% $9.72

The author’s compensation can vary widely based on the attributes of the book, its set price, and where it is being printed in the world. E-Book pricing is different from its printed editions. E-Book compensation is set by our distributor and the final payout is determined by that discount and the price the retailer sells the book for. Typically the author can expect to receive 1 to 3 dollars per copy based on the price set for the book, and a 75% royalty after all expenses are paid out to others in the distribution network.

Our distribution costs do change from year to year, which can also affect the author’s royalties.

We want you also to know that we have created a “Client Store” here on our website where our authors can order their books 24/7. 

If you have questions, feel free to ask.