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Reid Ashbaucher Publications is a Christian publishing company serving Christian authors that reach the world!

We provide publishing services to Christian authors that write Non-Fiction works. 

If this fits your interests of writing, contact us. We would be more than happy to help get your work out to the public through the Ingram Group, a world leader in book printing and worldwide distribution.

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RA-Publications in now offing a Publishing Subscription Service. Authors can subscribe to our service and have their book published at a significantly reduced publishing and distribution rate. Click on the icon below for more information!

This service world be ideal for those that want to test their ideas in the open marketplace, or for those people that have an audience or following that would be interested in book material authored by them. People like pastors, educators, professional people that do a lot of public speaking in promotion of their ideas or products.

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Reid Ashbaucher Publications markets its books through several venues, providing a wide range of options to reach your audience.

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Our client bookstore is open 24/7 for ordering your published work. Just use the client password we provide you to enter the bookstore, then follow the instructions provided. It’s that simple.