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Reid Ashbaucher Publications in now offing a Publishing Subscription Service. Authors can subscribe to our service and have their book published at a significantly reduced publishing and distribution rate. Here is how it works:

  1. First year’s subscription price is only $495.00.
  2. Additional books may be published at a cost of $349.00 per book, with a limit of two books per year.
  3. Annual renewal subscription rate is only $36.00.
  4. Annual renewal subscription rate for those that just want author self-distribution is $26.00
  5. Promotional and copyright services can be obtained under a separate contract and pricing.
  6. Book Size can range between 4 x 6 to 11.5 x 8.
  7. Page counts can run between 18 and 1,200 pages, depending on the physical size of the book.

First Year Details

For $495.00, Reid Ashbaucher Publications will create and publish an author’s book. Just as we would if the author signed up for our standard publishing services. The Service would include a unique ISBN, Book Cover, Tittle page, Copyright page, Table of Contents, Introduction pages, Forward pages, Author’s bio page, and any other pages to compete the book for open market distribution – worldwide – for one year.

This service allows additional books to be published by the subscriber for $349.00 per book, with a limit of two books per contract year.

This service includes national and worldwide book distribution through the Ingram Group and allows the author to purchase at a discount rate to support the author’s sales and self-distribution efforts. Formats for publishing are paperback or hardcover editions.

Pricing would be locked in at the time of contract signing. This includes renewal pricing, which stays in effect until the contract is no-longer renewed.

Annual Renewal Details

For $36.00, Reid Ashbaucher Publications will keep the book in print for national and worldwide distribution for one year and make the book available for the author’s purchase at a discount rate for self-sales and distribution.

For $26.00, Reid Ashbaucher Publications will keep the book on file and make the book available for author’s purchase at a discount rate to support the author’s sales and self-distribution efforts.

Subscription Service Advantages

  1. A low-cost option to publish your work.,
  2. An inexpensive way to test the market on your ideas and creative work.
  3. An easy way to keep your book in print for self-promotion and self-distribution.
  4. An easy and inexpensive way to create, publish, and distribute your work without all the detailed and tedious work to make it all happen.
  5. Easy access to purchase your book through our online store, open 24/7.

Additional Information

This service is ideal for those that want to test their ideas in the open marketplace, or for those people that have an audience or following that would be interested in book material, authored by them. People like pastors, educators, professional people that do a lot of public speaking in promotion of their ideas or products.

Author keeps all copyrights and will receive royalties for book sales. Also, authors receive discounts on all books they purchase; It should be noted that we do not pay royalties to authors who purchase their own books, at a discount rate, from our author bookstore.

Example: You are a pastor, educator, or someone who engages in professional public speaking and would like to publish a book of your own to distribute to those select groups of people you engage with on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Yes, the book is available in on-line bookstores worldwide, but the author can also market their work to those they encounter through their public speaking. Through this effort, the author can sell, collect a donation, or give the book away at events they participate or interact with.

This service also offers the author book availability for purchase at a discount, even if the book is so called “out of print.”

For more information, contact us for contract details, and how you can get started with our subscription service today!